[Série] Interview des producteurs exécutifs de la saison 3 (Edit n°1)

Publié le 23 Mai 2015

[Série] Interview des producteurs exécutifs de la saison 3  (Edit n°1)

Sur le site Berks Grapevine, Art Brown et Doug Sloan les producteurs exécutifs de Dragons : Par delà les rives, ont répondu à plusieurs questions autour de leur travail et de la saison 3. La prochaine série s'annonce d'un autre niveau que les précédentes et le retour de Dagur ainsi que Ingrid ne fait plus de doute. J'ai retranscrit sur le blog plusieurs questions concernant le sujet de la série. Pour découvrir l'entretien en entier, cliquez sur le lien juste en bas :

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Do you think that now there’s a new series and people have known the show for the last two or three years and now you’re moving to Netflix, do you think there are now new direction you can take the show for the slightly different audience?

Doug: The show that is going on Netflix will be taking the show in a completely new direction in that Hiccup and the gang are going to be away from Berk and on their own for the first time. It’s sort of like they’re going away to college. They’re going to explore away from the archipelago and find new dragons, and have to solve problems without Stoick, Gobber, Gothi, and the people they’ve relied on in the past. As 19- and 20-year-olds, they will face and solve problems a little differently than they have in the past. They aren’t kids anymore, so it definitely will be different.

Art: And they develop deeper relationships because of that not only with each other but with their dragons, just due to the fact that they are on their own. They have what they call the “Dragon’s Edge” that they’ve built in a sort of an outpost. They’re exploring and they’re out there, and they’re meeting all sorts of new dragons, solving problems on their own, and forging new relationships.

[Série] Interview des producteurs exécutifs de la saison 3  (Edit n°1)

Speaking of relationships, will we get to see more of the other characters, like Astrid, Fishlegs, Snotlout, Ruffnut and Tuffnut, and their relationships with their dragons?

Art: Definitely. Just because there isn’t enough time, in the movies, it’s mostly Hiccup, Astrid, Toothless, and Stoick: that’s your core. What’s great about the TV show is we get to explore everybody. We have episodes dedicated to Fishlegs and Meatlug, or dedicated twins episodes. We do interesting pairings like Astrid and Tuffnut. We get to play around in that sandbox which is really exciting and fun for the fans.

You have a lot of great characters from the first film and the first two seasons, and it seems like you’re going to introduce a ton of new characters, both villains and dragons. What’s the balance between keeping the older characters as part of the series, and how will they connect to the new characters?

Doug: In the beginning, you’ll see mostly the characters that you’re familiar with—aged up a little bit. And as the show goes on, you’ll start to see new villains emerge, you’ll see new tribes of people emerge. But it always comes back to our core characters and the stories will always going to revolve around them. It’s just they may just have relationships with new characters you haven’t seen in the past more often.

Art: There are a couple characters—like Heather, who was in the first season—she comes back and plays a big role in the upcoming seasons. She becomes part of the team. Her whole storyline is interesting in how it evolves and what you find about her history. And then we have Gustov who’s a littler kid, about 12 in the first two seasons, who comes back from time to time. He’s now the age that the kids were in the first movie. He rides his own dragon, Fanghook, and he’s pretty funny. So we get to do that. As Doug was saying, the other characters are mainly introduced as bad guys and new tribes of people.

[Série] Interview des producteurs exécutifs de la saison 3  (Edit n°1)

Right, like Dagur and Alvin? Will we see more of them? Will they be part of the new set of villains?

Doug: You’ll see Dagur. Alvin not so much, but Dagur is a huge, huge part of this new season.
That’s great, everyone loves him!

Art: Yeah, he’s so funny, man. David Faustino is hilarious. When you see him in the first episode, he’s been lifting weights, getting buffed up, getting tattoos. He’s been in prison for the last three years, so he’s much more wound up and crazy than ever.

So there’s a bit of a time gap between Defenders and now?

Doug: Yeah, our series begins a year and a half before the second movie begins, so it’s about three and half years after the dragon series.

Art: We call it the prequel to the sequel. Because the second movie jumped ahead all these years, we’re really showing how things got that way. We’re setting up the flight suit, showing how that was invented. The dragonblade. How Stoick got his dragon, and how Gobber got his dragon. We get to have Stoick, which is great. It makes that relationship really powerful, because you know when you’re watching these scenes with Hiccup and his father based on the second movie that you know what happens?

Will we get to see new crazy Hiccup inventions, and how he builds up the village with the new dragon buildings?

Doug: You will see a lot of cool stuff at Dragon’s Edge, where they end up living for the series. At this point, we’re not really sure if we’re going to deal with the inventions from the movie or how they came to be. But there’s always a possibility, we’re not really sure.

Art: But you do go back to Berk from time to time, like the beginning of the series. You will see Berk stuff changing from time to time.

[Série] Interview des producteurs exécutifs de la saison 3  (Edit n°1)

What’s really special about this series is it’s one of the very few CGI animated TV series out there, which means you have to deal with constantly changing technology. How much has the technology influenced the series? Is there anything you can do now that you couldn’t have done in the previous series?

Doug: Absolutely. We are now able to do water interaction, which we couldn’t have done in the first two years. We can now do crowds and herds of dragons, which we couldn’t do in the first couple of seasons. Technology moves so quickly. If you look at the show now and put it up against the show from two or three years ago, there’s just no comparison. It looks so much closer to the movie than it once did, it’s amazing.

Art: And a huge amount of credit goes to David Jones, who is our visual effects supervisor. He loves to be challenged, he loves to create new things. He always jokingly says to us “keep writing scripts that we can’t make” so that we can push the technology. He’s amazing. The look of the first two seasons was really good, but now it blows it away.

Doug: It’s not even a comparison. We were tasked with giving the show a new look, a more cinematic look. And they’ve really done that, and gone way beyond their call of duty.

Art: And the animators have gotten so much better too. They know the characters so well. For the first couple of seasons, we were scrambling a lot because it was such a huge undertaking.

[Série] Interview des producteurs exécutifs de la saison 3  (Edit n°1)

Are we going to see more continuing episodes, or two-part episodes?

Art: We have a number of two-parters—those are always fun. Some stories just lend themselves to that. We’ll be breaking a story and we’ll go, “you know what, this really feels like there’s a lot to tell here, we should do it in two.” I would say, of the 26, we have maybe 4 two-parters: the opening two-part episodes and the closing two-part episodes and then one or two others in the middle somewhere.

Doug: One thing that’s great about Netflix is that because of the way Netflix is viewed, we’re able to lean into more the continuous serialization. Although we do try to have what we call “standalone episodes”—for every five episodes, we try to have three of them that are standalone, meaning you could come in not knowing anything, and it’s a new dragon or that sort of thing.

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