[Série] Viggo un nouveau grand méchant

Publié le 3 Janvier 2016

[Série] Viggo un nouveau grand méchant

Première image Viggo Grimborn un nouveau méchant attendu dans les prochains épisodes ce vendredi. On le découvre au coté de Alfred Molina la personne qui prête sa voix. L'acteur qui n'est pas à son premier rôle de protagoniste sombre a été interviewé par comicbook. Il donne quelques informations sur le caractère de ce nouveau personnage et de son frère Ryker.

Je n'ai pas trouvé de traduction en français, mais voici les extraits en anglais de l'interview concernant de Dragons : Par delà les rives.

This week, Netflix will release new episodes of Dragons: Race to the Edge, which features Spider-Man 2 villain Alfred Molina as a new, power-hungry villain named Viggo Grimborn. He knows everything there is to know about dragons, clashes with Hiccup and the riders over the Dragon Eye.

The big bad of the series' second season, Viggo is smart and calculating -- not unlike other villains Molina has played, like Doctor Octopus and Lex Luthor.

Going specifically into Dragons: Race to the Edge, you've played a lot of villains. The way that this one is described is as power hungry. That's a very general term, but do you think that in general that is a commonality in most of the villains that you play, is that power is a driving factor?

Yeah. There's other qualities as well which are a bit more specific. Usually villains have a very specific agenda. They're usually hugely egotistical. They often have great intelligence and are often sociopathic in the sense that they have no real care or interest in how other people feel, and that's why, I suppose, we are fascinated by them because they exhibit characteristics that we find extraordinary, or scary, or a little bit so far out of our own experience that we're just sitting there slack jawed at what they're like. Viggo, for example, he's one of two brothers, as you know, and he and his brother are, in a sense, two sides of the same coin.

Ryker is the muscle and he's the type of character that wants to just run in and start beating everybody up and killing everything. Viggo is more, "No. Let's just take a moment. Let's just look at the big picture." He's tactical. He's a tactician. He's also an inventor. He's also, I think, he enjoys his power. I think he enjoys it, and I think his agenda is just to carry on hunting dragons. He just loves what he does and he wants to get his hands on the ultimate thing which is the Dragon Eye, and that's what drives him. That's what motivates him.

He becomes, rather than just a violent man, or a violent character, or just an angry character, he becomes a very thoughtful, very precise, almost like surgeon-like character. He has absolutely very specific goals and he goes after them in a very specific way.

Moving back to Dragons. You were just talking about the responsibility that falls on you with these big properties that have an established fan base. Is the Netflix stuff a nice balance of that? This is a property that a lot of people care about and enjoyed, but the nature of these Netflix things seems to be that the productions themselves seem to be under a little bit less scrutiny than the average big budget feature film, because even though you're delivering high quality, big franchise entertainment, a lot of the time folks don't find out about it until months before?

Yes. I think it feels very relaxed, I must say, but there again animation has a very, very long gestation period. It's a lot longer than, say, making a live action show. The animation takes a long time. The actors go in to record the voices, and then a few months later you go in to do it again because the animation has developed, has gone somewhere. Then you come back in and do rewrites and redo stuff you've done before. It's a slow process because it's so precise. It does feel relaxed. I think it certainly feels relaxed for actors, but I think probably behind the scenes there's a lot of hard work, a lot of late nights, a lot of very dedicated time to get all this stuff together.

I don't think, for instance, my experience in terms of what my time taken was like is really representative of what was really going on. I pop in, do a couple of hours, then I'd come back a few months later and do another couple of hours. It was all very easy for me, but for the guys, for the men and women actually making the show, I think it's a very, very intense, high octane experience.


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