[Série] Saison 3 prévue pour juin 2015 (Edit n°2)

Publié le 5 Avril 2015

[Série] Saison 3 prévue pour juin 2015  (Edit n°2)

La présentation de la nouvelle saison 3, Dragons : Race to the Edge, se déroule actuellement à la WonderCon. Les premières informations et images commencent à arriver.

La série est prévue pour le mois de juin sur ​​Netflix (13 épisodes). C'est confirmé l'histoire se déroule 1 ans avant Dragons 2. Dans ces nouvelles aventures, il est question d'un mystérieux artefact nommé « Dragon Eye » et on y apprend l'existence d'un nouveau dragon appelé « Deathsong ».

[Série] Saison 3 prévue pour juin 2015  (Edit n°2)

DreamWorks released the following about Race to the Edge:

DreamWorks Animation Television today revealed to a standing-room-only crowd at WonderCon in Anaheim, that the all-new Dragons TV series will be called Dragons: Race to the Edge -- and that 13 episodes will premiere this June only on Netflix.

Art Brown and Doug Sloan, executive producers of Dragons: Race to the Edge, were special guests at the Sunday-morning panel DreamWorks: Dragons, Dinos & More, which was hosted by Eric Bauza, the star of DreamWorks Animation's The Adventures of Puss In Boots and Turbo Fast. Art and Doug revealed that Dragons: Race to the Edge, which takes place one year before the events of How to Train Your Dragon 2, will star the voices of Jay Baruchel, America Ferrera, T.J. Miller and Christopher Mintz-Plasse -- and isn't simply "a new series," as Doug said ... but an entirely new epic adventure that Art said "promises more dragons than anyone has ever imagined."

Audience members at WonderCon got the world's first look at the series, in which the discovery of a mysterious artifact called the Dragon Eye "is a game-changer, both for Hiccup and for all of the Dragon Riders," Art said.

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[Série] Saison 3 prévue pour juin 2015  (Edit n°2)
[Série] Saison 3 prévue pour juin 2015  (Edit n°2)

[Édite 1 : Description des clips ]

Durant la présentation de la saison 3 à la convention Wondercon, les personnes présentes ont eu la chance de découvrir des clips de Dragons : Race to the Edge. Pour l'heure ils ne sont pas disponibles sur le net, il faudra certainement patienter pour les voir.

En attendant une personne a posté une description sur ce qu'elle a vu et semble correspondre avec les news de Dreamworks. Toutefois les informations suivantes ne sont pas confirmées, il y a donc un risque d'erreur.

Premier message sur la série en général :

So let me just tell you guys a little about what they showed us, even though I know the panel will probably be online sometime soon, if it’s not already up.

The new series “Dragons: Race to the Edge” looks very promising! It sounds like it will center around Hiccup and the gang exploring new areas with new dragons and enemies, all with the help of some object called the “Dragon Eye”. They didn’t go into much detail about what that was exactly, but it’s supposed to be a huge game changer (even though it looks like a kaleidoscope).

The show itself looks so much better than the first series, just from a visual standpoint. They’re still using the low-res rigs and quirky animation, but they’re a bit more expressive and textured than the first series. And the backgrounds and lighting look phenomenal! Overall it appears to be extremely high quality for a tv show.

The executive producers of the show were talking about how they’re excited to show how things came to be in the second film, and mentioned showing how Stoick trained Skull Crusher and Hiccup’s tests (and failures) with his new flight suit.

They also mentioned how Daggur has escaped from prison and is now coming after Hiccup for revenge. They said that there were a few other antagonists as well but wouldn’t go into much detail.

There were a bunch of different clips shown including one where Hiccup and Toothless are free falling; Hiccup just looks over at Toothless and in a really calm voice says “Hey.”. Other clips included a strange friendship formed between Tuffnut and a chicken, a back story involving Gothi and a Snow Wraith, and a mysterious hooded dragon rider.

As far as new dragons go, there will be a bunch more. The one in the sketch that we got is called the Death Song, which spits an amber-like substance on it’s victims, completely immobilizing them, and then eats them. (There was also a clip of this). We also saw a clip involving the Snow Wraith, which showed that it can only see through infrared vision. The producers said that there may be a few dragons from the Rise of Berk game that end up in the show too.

It looks like it’s going to be an impressive show and I can’t wait to see it when it comes out!


Deuxième message sur la relation d'Harold et Astrid (Hiccstrid) :

Yes, there were a few shots where they showed Hiccstrid moments. One shot was of Hiccup and Astrid sitting on a beach watching the sunset. Another was Astrid unconsciously sinking to the bottom of the ocean and a very panicked Hiccup and Toothless diving down to get her. And yet another was Astrid pushing Hiccup out of the way of the Death Song’s amber spit, and getting trapped in it herself (much to Hiccup’s displeasure).

Nothing too romantic but it showed how their relationship is evolving and that they’re growing much closer.


[Série] Saison 3 prévue pour juin 2015  (Edit n°2)

[Édite 2 : Lien vers un article sur la saison 3 ]

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